Search Engine Optimization

How do you get your new website noticed by all of the various search engines?  How does Google know that you updated your website?  What can you do to improve your search rankings?  How important is website design to SEO?  

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Content is king when it comes to good SEO.  If your website has information that people want to read, download, or purchase, search engines will begin to notice.  Having good quality content leads to longer page view times and more pages viewed.  It is also important to have accurate updated information that reflects your business.  Adding information routinely through a blog or reviews is a great way to keep content fresh and give your visitors to return to your website.  Keywords are also important as well.  Be sure that you have relevant long-chain keywords on your website that will link a potential search with your website.



Is your site mobile friendly?  Does it load quickly?  Is it easy for web crawlers to identify relevant information?  All of these questions have to do with architecture.  Web crawlers are the programs search engines use to index all of the information on your website.  The easier it is for these crawlers to understand how to navigate your website, the more efficiently they can provide potential visitors your URL in a search.  Sites must be built to be properly viewed on various mobile phones and tablets.  



The code is the what the search engine actually sees.  It does not see your pretty pictures or videos.  That is why it is critical that your code includes descriptions and tags.  It is also important to make the best use of headings and titles that include your relevant keywords.  Web crawlers also have a specific structure it expects to see when building your website.  How does your HTML interact with your CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and JavaScript?  The code of your site must be clean which means that it does not include extra instructions that are not relevant to your website.

Our designers are trained in all of the latest SEO techniques and best practices.  We stay current on changes in search criteria and avoid using any unethical or discouraged practices.